Buildings 2030 will work with sector leaders and partners to push the boundaries of what is perceived possible.

B2030 Mission


We aim to mainstream the demand for high performing buildings in Europe by seeking public and private sector commitments to invest in better indoor environments by 2030. People’s health, wellbeing and productivity must be a core priority alongside building performance.

B2030 Vision


Our vision is for all buildings in Europe to provide people with comfortable, healthy and productive spaces, while minimizing their carbon footprint. The health and built environment sectors work together towards this common ambition.

Buildings 2030 is supported by a grant from the European Climate Foundation and the ClimateWorks Foundation.

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Buildings 2030 initiative is based on three interconnected platforms dedicated to promoting health, wellbeing and productivity in buildings in Europe.


Aggregating People and Knowledge

The aim of the coordination platform is to bring together experts, knowledge, research and business case evidence in support of people-centric buildings. The result will be People4Buildings network.

The platform intends to coordinate across sectors and departments in each company in order to align all stakeholders for healthy and high performing buildings. We will work with the health community, the built sector com munity, the insurance industry, labor unions, data analysts and architecture community to focus on people using the buildings.



Promoting Building4People

The goal of the communication platform is to use the knowledge and expertise gathered in the coordination platform to promote a narrative around the need for people-centric buildings within the private and public sectors.

The platform will promote stories of corporate and public leadership, stress business case for people-centric buildings and their positive impacts. Jointly with strategic partners, we advocate for the inclusion of health, wellbeing and productivity considerations in all buildings-related policies in Europe.



Elevating Leaders

The commitment platform intends to show leadership and move the market toward a broad acceptance and demand for healthy and high performing buildings.

As part of the platform, Buildings 2030 will co-develop a corporate commitment statement with companies leading in the area. Companies joining the initiative will be showcased annually at a high-level event and receive media coverage and expert consultations throughout the year.

Additionally, Buildings 2030 will seek commitments from cities, public authorities and civil society.


Rodolphe Nicolle

Rodolphe Nicolle

Executive Director of Buildings 2030

Rodolphe has spent his professional career in the industrial sector (Rhodia, Lyondell, Knauf Insulation). His experience has led him in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United States to lead teams in charge of public affairs, sustainable development and transnational projects. Rodolphe serves as an Executive Director for Buildings 2030.

Kristina Klimovich

Kristina Klimovich

Senior Manager

As Senior Manager, Kristina is leading communications, marketing and partnership efforts for Buildings 2030. Prior to joining the team, she promoted PACE financing, an innovating energy efficiency/renewable energy funding pioneered in the US.

Tony Robson

Tony Robson

Special Adviser

Tony is a recognized global leader in energy efficiency with decades of experience in the private sector. Currently serving as a CEO of Icopal, Tony held various positions in the industry, both in the UK and overseas, before he started his career with Knauf Insulation in 1998. Since 2003 until 2016, Tony served as a CEO of Knauf Insulation. As Special Adviser, Tony offers his expertise to shape Buildings 2030 initiative.


Buildings 2030 works with corporate leaders to push the boundaries of what is perceived possible. Elevate your stories and play a role in shaping market and policy.